SO MUCH WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I know that you guys are gonna think I’m always complaining about a so-so weather,but you’re all wrong. I’ve been to Sydney’Aquarium, with Mom’n Dad (it was raining cats and dogs, by the way).

Daddy  had’nt been there during his first coming Down Under, as Mummy had then declared : « Not worth a visit, there are more beautiful aquariums than that one… »

My humble opinion? Never seen something nicer! First we met a couple of crabs, I mean BIG Japanese spider crabs, that can be as tall as 4m, and live a century, and then we went to a big pool full of rays, sharks and other species I did not recognize (please forgive me, I’m 2 and a half…). We first see the sharks from above,

And then walk down a ramp that opens on huge windows,

 » say hello »

To end our way under the pool. Mum, an accomplished diver, doesn’t need any gear,

But I rather use a brand new diving equipment,

That fits perfectly, n’est-ce pas?

We keep on wandering among small and big fishes, to finally discover a HUGE basin, simulating a reef seascape, where a symphony of coloured fishes, sharks, rays, play all together. It’s breathtaking, to say the least, and I really wish I were 3 years older, as I could dive myself……

Just compare my size and that pool’s…..Immense, vraiment.

As a conclusion, I would say that was a fantastic rainy afternoon, and I kiss you folks!


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