Which means driving north to Scotland, South Hemisphere wise….

Mom’n Dad’n me packed some stuff and drove south to discover, thanks to our hosts’ kind advice, as well as our old Lonely Planet, the South Coast of NSW.

We thought that 200km would be a gentle and straight 3 hours drive to our destination, and we were wrong! 6 hours later, due to speed limits restrictions, and lots of villages to cross, we finally arrive in rainy Sanctuary Point.

My patience is rewarded by a couple of not so wild kangaroos passing by,

We reach our new place for the 2 coming nights; it is a sort of 2 bedroom cabin, ideally located on the shore of Saint George Basin (go to http://www.maps.google.com, and type 158, Sanctuary Point Road, Sanctuary Point, New South Wales…)

The cabin is remote, as is the entire village, and you can see from the balcony swans, pelicans, and even kangaroos.

After a fresh, to say the least, night, we start the day under a not so friendly sky, which promises nothing but rain, driving to the Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay. Beaches of the area have been awarded the whitest sand beaches of the world, nothing less, Ladies and Gentlemen….

Sky is as dark as sands are white, and we’re overpowered with admiration, thanks to a beautifully changing light, from sun to dark to showers to rainbows… Black cliffs succeed to white beaches, as we look for whales, which might swim nearby, during their annual northbound breeding migration to Queensland warmer waters. Dad is the one who see dolphins hunting, thanks to loads of seagulls that take advantage of the situation…

The day ends quietly, playing in my room…

I even watch TV (which is very rare, and thus very cool); those ABC cartoons are not more interesting than others, but there is no commercial on that channel, and I’m getting accustomed to the music of English language. Used I am also, to the rough conditions of a 15°C bedroom, and I’m pretty happy to wear Grand’Ma’s gift, a warm pyjamas! Thanks Grand’Ma, I didn’t think I would use it as often as I actually do!!!!

Sun shines! The story is different under the sun, and we decide to explore the banks of the Basin, before heading to yesterday’s beaches, plus Cave beach, and Wreck Bay Beach.

Later in the afternoon, as we drive back to Sydney, we stop in Kiama, where 2 huge blow holes…. blow. I’m a little scared at first, but those big geysers make me laugh when Dad cannot see anything through his glasses, due to the blown spray….

At tea o’clock, we stop in Woolongong to visit a Buddhist temple, the biggest in the South Hemisphere, and are lucky to meet a female monk who’s kind enough to show us the temple’s tips, a massive bell that I achieve to gong, a beautiful pagoda and a funny statue of a « Happy Buddha ».

A couple of fantastic days, and a great journey, en somme…

My best memory? Back to basics, a hot chocolate in a cold cabin, I would say….

Duya think I’m greedy? That is not so Buddhist, I’m afraid….


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