Sun’s back, and it shines from dusk til dawn (???!!!…). Temperature is a 20°C, which is totally agreeable for winter season, IMHO.

Easy to understand we’ve been so far spending our days outdoor; Dad even wanders at night…

Although we now feel familiar with the city of Sydney, we keep on discovering new enchanting neighbourhoods. Yesterday, as we’ve decided to picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens, we left our flat at dawn (10.00 am), and did wander around Darlinghurst, a borough that gentrifies gently, and is the must-be-there  place in town, with pretty victorian houses, lots of gay people, and a few bars.

Mom’n Dad did offer me a babyccino, which is a capuccino with no coffee, and I really enjoyed that very hobo beverage, while staring at a plane drawing a smiley in the sky….

Then I walked and played a lot (I love DownUnder, there are so many playgrounds here…)

And, at lunch o’clock, while in Hyde Park, we had the chance to listen to Three Brothers, a rock band performing a tribute to the Beatles, and I danced a lot; I LOVE rock’n’roll!!!!

Some people who did not dare to dance have even cheered me!…

Another guvnor was making incredibly gigantic bubbles with soap,  that loads of children were trying to burst…. quite frustrating for the artist, in Dad’s opinion…

At nap o’clock, I was sleeping in my pram, while Mom’n Dad were pushing me back home to the Rocks, and another playground. The quays were more than stuffed with people enjoying a sunny Sunday (Just learned what a pleonasm is, didn’t I?).

After I went to bed, Dad got out and walked across the Harbor Bridge, where he enjoyed a breathtaking view of Sydney CBD… If you’re nice enough, I’ll show you the place I live in,

Until tomorrow, as we should move to Manly June 19 or 20…

XXXX, Alix.

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